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The Biggest Unsung Hero of Gin

Mount Warning Spring Water


How important is water in Gin?

Water is the biggest ingredient in the process of making Brookie’s Gin. Get ready for a mind-boggling fact! In every bottle of our Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin that we produce, over 50% of this is water (that goes for all other spirits as well). So, with that said, you are probably getting an idea about how special water is to us, and how much it can influence the flavour and character of a Gin.

Often, water used in the production of making spirits is de-mineralised, which in essence is stripping back the mineral content of the water and in doing so removes some of the character and flavour. However, we are incredibly lucky to be able to source the purest water from the Northern Rivers, without the need to be altered, from an outstanding natural source, Mount Warning Spring Water.

Mount Warning Spring Water is filtered by nature through layers of ancient volcanic rock. Its journey to the underground aquifer takes years, making this naturally alkaline water mineral rich with a smooth and sweet taste.

Co-Founder & Distiller Eddie Brook describes it, which may sound a little strange, as “wetter than any water that you have ever tasted. There is an inherent sweetness to the water that provides a lot of character to our Gin.”

Mount Warning Spring Water is bottled and produced on a family farm that dates back to 1904 when the property was selected by the owners for its rich soil, lush surroundings, and naturally occurring springs. In the 1950s, it became evident that the water source was of extremely high quality, and with the help of an expert water diviner, Mount Warning Spring Water was born.

So, as you can see, the water we use is extremely important to the flavour and integrity of our Gin, and to work with such a premium water source that is local to our region means that we achieve an optimum flavour in every bottle.

Check out Mount Warning Spring Water’s story here.


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